GeneSavvy was built for functional health practitioners, the most fierce warrior moms, and the most advanced biohacking geeks who want a more advanced genetic analysis and reporting platform for true precision medicine.

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Lingo and catch-phrases in genetics can make it tricky to compare labs and services. Here’s a quick rundown of the basics you should know to make decisions about lab testing and analysis reports, in friendly metaphors and plain English so you can better understand what’s going on with clinician and consumer-facing genetics in 2020: SNP Genotyping versus Phenotyping, Exons and Introns, depth/confidence, and naming conventions. We want you to be able to ask the right questions! READ THE POST

GeneSavvy is the most advanced and clinically actionable genetic analysis and reporting platform in functional medicine:

NOT JUST ANOTHER SNP REPORT: it’s time to take your genetic analysis to the next level

There is so much more actionable data that genetic testing can provide beyond genotyping for common SNPs. GeneSavvy has developed advanced bioinformatics technologies and processes so that we can provide you with as much actionable, interesting, and unique genetic information as possible using your raw genetic data from nearly any genetic testing company!

We are constantly developing new technologies to help you explore ALL of your existing genetic data in new ways!

DIAGNOSTIC GRADE DATA: higher quality and higher accuracy for more confident clinical actionability

Our GeneSavvy analysis and reporting technology was optimized to work with diagnostic-grade genetic data rather than the lower-quality data you get from consumer genetic testing companies. Genetic analysis and reports built from diagnostic-grade data provide more accurate results that your functional medicine team can use to develop personalized and effective health and lifestyle recommendations with higher confidence.


Data enrichment is all about creating more powerful insights into data through associations. We’ve built our own custom enrichment database that is full of clinical actionability for functional health practitioners.

We are constantly adding new information to our databases, providing new insights into gene/variant associations with health-related pathways, cellular & molecular functions, lab biomarkers, interactions with pharmaceuticals, food/nutrients, environmental factors, vitamins/herbs, and MORE. Our roots are in functional medicine, so our enrichment data is geared around terms that functional health practitioners can easily use to guide action.

*Not all genes/variants are currently enriched by our database. Our database will continue to grow as research continues.

GENES WORK TOGETHER, not in isolation

Many genetic testing and reporting services use oversimplified correlation data to associate one gene with one phenotype. That approach completely ignores the complex interactions between genes and gives at best an incomplete, and often inaccurate, understanding of your genetics! We work hard to take upstream, downstream, and co-factor interactions into consideration when looking at how genes contribute to our health concerns. We build comprehensive genetic networks surrounding diseases, biological functions, and more to help identify possible targets for clinical action.

TRUE PERSONALIZED MEDICINE: we listen to the unique story in your genes

Our platform was built to help functional health practitioners utilize millions of biodata points to design the ultimate patient-centered, personalized, and effective treatment plans for every patient.

We aim to help practitioners identify patient-specific root mechanisms of complex disease quickly (and with less guesswork) by identifying genetic variants with the highest potential to cause negative impact. By reducing the time to uncover and identify these unique mechanisms and interactions, our testing platform will reduce overall patient costs, improve patient engagement, and empower the patient with a proactive personalized plan that promotes optimal health and longevity.

INSATIABLE CURIOSITY: we want answers to YOUR questions

Our most valuable asset is our persistent curiosity that drives our efforts to find answers when nobody else can or will. The challenges that are most frustrating to others following a traditional model are the ones most exciting in our paradigm. In our neverending quest to solve the genetic puzzle, we work with a diverse group of advisors, panel curators, and experts that ensure we utilize well-rounded research, clinical tools, and other actionable genetic associations without bias toward one modality or another.

GeneSavvy Advanced Genetic Reports

If you’ve had genetic testing done and have access to the raw genetic data from that testing company, this service is for you!

Many genetic testing companies offer to provide a copy of your raw genetic data in the form of a  TXT, VCF, BAM, or FASTQ file type. We can help unlock the massive amount of valuable data in these files, and use that data to provide clinically-actionable information for your functional medicine team.

Convert your raw genetic data into clinically-actionable information by purchasing one of our GeneSavvy Advanced Genetic Reports, then following the simple upload instructions we email to you to get started!


GeneSavvy Professional Services

Are you a functional health provider looking for a custom genetic report to complement your clinical workflow? We can help!

A genetic reporting company that wants to be able to utilize diagnostic grade data from VCF, BAM, or FASTQ files rather than just consumer-grade data from TXT files? We can help!

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