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A few of our many incredible case studies

John — Dysautonomia and GI Troubles

When we first met ‘John’ he had already been diagnosed with Dysautonomia and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. He was also suffering from frequent severe headaches, fainting, and numerous digestive issues with no specific food triggers. We built a genetic test panel focused around potential underlying causes of dysautonomia and gastrointestinal disruptions to model the functional polygenic networks and see what the data would tell us. Upon reviewing the data, we discovered genetic variants associated with Celiac Disease, IBS, and autoimmune inflammation. Additionally, we found patterns of disruption in liver function, fat utilization, possible nutrient deficiencies, and a potential inability to digest oligosaccharides. Using this information, John worked with his doctor to develop a plan for implementing a low FODMAP diet to help him avoid foods that would be difficult to digest based on what we had learned about his digestive system.
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Sara — Electromagnetic sensitivity

‘Sara’ reported multiple symptoms and related them to EMF exposure. We built this custom genetic report around possible underlying causes of EMF sensitivities and we developed functional polygenic networks related to damage from EMF/ EHS/UV exposures. After running the report, we found Sara had genetic patterns involving mitochondrial ETC, autophagy/apoptosis, and cell homeostasis. We also found patterns that showed she had possible higher than normal susceptibility to oxidative stress and potentially inefficient immune regulation due to rare variants in her HLA genes.
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Patrick — Heart health concerns

The practitioner gave us a summary of concerns to focus on for ‘Patrick,’ primarily heart health, but also mitochondrial disorders, neurodegenerative disorders, tremors, ataxia, and muscle tightness and weakness. This customized report was built around the listed concerns with a heavy emphasis on cardiovascular health. The most relevant genetic patterns found were related to pancreatic disfunction, so we pointed out possible connections between his pancreatic function and heart health. We also found patterns in autophagy, thyroid, fat metabolism and a variant in LMNA with direct connection to dilated cardiomyopathy risk. Patrick also had many more mitochondrial variants than average, so we pointed out some specific concerns regarding mitochondrial disease risks. (This report also includes mitochondrial DNA variants.)
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