Variant Exploration Report


Our Variant Exploration Report is included with our GeneSavvy Starter Kit and was built to utilize the specialized data generated by our Genesavvy Starter Kit lab processes. If you do not yet have raw data, or if you have genetic data generated by other genetic testing companies, we highly encourage you to order the GeneSavvy Starter Kit so you can take full advantage of our functional genetic tools. However, if you already have raw genetic data files from another genetic testing company, you can still order a GeneSavvy Variant Exploration Report, although it may not contain all the specialized data that requires GeneSavvy’s testing standards..

  • Description


    The Variant Exploration Report information includes:

    • All Genetic Variants found by our Enhanced Human Whole-Exome Sequencing (WES)
    • All Genetic Variants found by our Mitochondrial Whole-Genome Sequencing (mtWGS)
    • Genotyping data and SNPs curated for functional medicine practitioners*
    • HLA Subtypes found (Human Leukocyte Antigens)*
    • KIR Subtypes found (Killer-cell Immunoglobulin-like Receptors)*
    • RCCX gene module information* 
    • And more**

    *Requires GeneSavvy Genetic Testing Data (Not included in report if VCF file was generated by 3rd party genetic testing lab)

    **We are continuously pioneering new analysis tools to help identify functional genetic patterns between disease associated rare variants, lifestyle changing polymorphisms, real-time protein/enzyme activity, and environmental factors which we use to provide actionable options for vibrant life longevity. Many of these tools can be used to enhance and add information to your GeneSavvy reports without the need for collecting new saliva samples and re-testing.


    Functional data enrichment:

    Data enrichment is all about creating more actionable insights through associations. We’ve built our own custom enrichment database that is full of clinical actionability for functional health practitioners.

    We are constantly adding new information to our databases, providing new insights into gene/variant associations with health-related pathways, cellular & molecular functions, lab biomarkers, interactions with pharmaceuticals, food/nutrients, environmental factors, vitamins/herbs, and MORE. Our roots are in functional medicine, so our enrichment data is geared around terms that functional health practitioners can easily use to guide action.

    *Not all genes/variants are currently enriched by our database. Our database will continue to grow as research continues.

    Built for functional medicine:

    Our reports were built with functional medicine practitioners in mind, so the results and terminology used in our reports will be easy to understand and work with in functional clinical settings.

    Personalized results:

    We use genetics to develop more personalized approaches to functional medicine. That’s why we prioritize the less common variants found in each gene, those are the genetic markers that make people different!

    Actionable genetic associations:

    We work hard to include clinically-actionable associations for the results outlined in our reports. Those actionable associations can include further recommended lab testing, treatments, clinical action bullet points, and environmental interactions related to the genes and gene networks.

    Battle tested:

    All of our genetic reporting tools began as custom-built solutions for real-life cases in which we were contracted to help practitioners get better insights into finding the missing pieces keeping their patients from making progress. The custom reports built to break ground for those patients and practitioners have been redesigned to produce the reports we offer to you today.

    If you need a custom genetic tool or report built to help assist in a complex health case, please contact us at [email protected]

    Treatment modalities combined:

    Our GeneSavvy advisors, panel curators, and action research experts have come together from many different modalities of the health industry to provide a well-rounded set of genetic data associations without bias towards one approach or another, its all about providing the best insights for you in all aspects of health! Some of the backgrounds of our experts include:

    Medical Doctors
    Functional Medicine Practitioners
    Naturopathic Doctors
    Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine
    Genetic Counselors
    Nutritionists and Other Functional Health Professionals

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