Chromosome - 1 SNP - rs4072037 Gene Name - MUC1

Basic Information

  • SNP rs4072037
  • Chromosome 1
  • Gene Name MUC1
  • Weight of evidence 62
Genotype Frequency
  • CT
  • TT
  • CC
Allele Frequency
  • T
  • C

SNP Expression Description

How does this fit in to your daily life?

Individuals with this SNP are encouraged to consider regular cancer screening along with a low-inflammatory diet, adequate hydration and consult health care professional for preventive cancer strategies.

Further research is being conducted on this SNP, please consult with your physician before taking any action. Even though current research indicates the possibility that current diseases are associated with this SNP, individuals with this SNP should be aware that this does not necessarily indicate that such diseases are present nor likely.

For more information, please schedule a consult with one of our HealthCoach7 Genetic Specialist.

General SNP Description

This SNP is associated with Stomach Cancer, Diffuse-Type Gastric Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Ovarian Cancer. This SNP is also associated with Gallstone Disease in the Chinese male population. This SNP plays a role in Gastric Carcinogenesis. This gene is used as a serological clinical marker of breast cancer to monitor response to breast cancer treatment and disease recurrence. Mutations of this gene are also seen to be associated with the following diseases: perineurioma, tumors, carcinoma, sarcoma epithelioid, sarcoma synovial, rhabdoid tumor, adenocarcinoma, chroma, metastasis and anaplastic large cell lymphoma.
For more information, please schedule a consult with one of our HealthCoach7 Genetic Specialist.