There are many potential benefits that can be derived from gaining in-depth knowledge from your genetics.

1. CLARITY: Have you struggled with vague symptoms or suboptimal health? The answer could be in your genes, and GeneSavvy wants to help you find it!

2. PREVENTION: Ever heard “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? At GeneSavvy, we believe in that whole-heartedly. Getting genetic testing now to identify potential risk factors that can be mediated by diet and lifestyle changes, or more closely monitored if you are in a higher-risk category, can lead to significantly lower health care costs in the future, along with a higher quality of life.

3. WELLNESS: We often think of the “bad” things we are going to find in our genes, but we forget that there are also many potential genetic variants that we could use to optimize our health.

4. CARRIER SCREENING: If you are thinking about having children, knowing the risk of passing on serious genetic conditions to potential offspring can provide valuable information for both you and your partner.

What differentiates GeneSavvy’s tests from all the other commercialized genetic tests available?

We use whole exome and whole mitochondrial genome next-generation sequencing technology. This differs from most other commercial genetic tests on the market that use a technology called genotyping. With genotyping, typically 1-5 nucleotide base pairs are examined in each gene. With whole exome sequencing, we are examining 5,000-20,000 variants per gene. GeneSavvy distills all these data points to estimate which genes are likely to be experiencing the most disruption.

GeneSavvy was built for and with functional and integrative medicine providers. This means that in addition to reporting every coding variant in a client’s genome, our databases enrich these unique data with environmental, dietary, and pharmaceutical interactions — and these databases are constantly being updated with the most recent research in order to aid health practitioners in guiding their clients towards optimal health.


Are you interested in GeneSavvy?

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  3. Maybe you aren’t quite ready for a GeneSavvy Starter Kit, but you have existing genetic data from another source. Order a GeneSavvy report based on your existing data! While the data will be less complete than that provided by GeneSavvy testing, our advanced algorithms can give detailed and actionable results.